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Mary Bliss Parsons, too rich, too beautiful, too outspoken “Court records spanning a time of eighteen years reveal the minds of those who sought evidence upon which to judge Mary Bliss Parsons as innocent or guilty (of witchcraft). The testimony reveals an unholy alliance created by the elite and self-selected brotherhood of men who controlled government, religion, and the marketplace. To this, Mary Bliss Parsons, like all women, was expected to contribute only her contrition. Her accusers’ words drip familiarly with the poisons injected by that which feeds greedily in webs spun of fear. Like all public tragedies, time has dimmed recollection. The effects still run in the veins of people living. In the echoes of the pulse of her blood are warnings that can still be heard.”
from Silencing the Women, the Witch Trials of Mary Bliss Parsons.