History was lived and stories echo in our veins.

To the religious settlers of the Massachusetts Bay Company, the wild lands concealed savage demons who moved in disguise to visit punishments of accident, ailment, affliction and torment. There was one woman who was too beautiful. Her wealthy husband loved her too much. She was too outspoken. Fingers pointed. Eyes followed. Webs spun of fear enmeshed her. A man cried out, “I know she is a witch for I can not have my mind from her.” This is a true story of survival.

About the Author

Kathy-Ann B. Becker, “Kathy,” is a ninth generation descendant of Cornet Joseph and Mary Bliss Parsons through the marriage of two of their grandchildren, cousins. Inspired by her parents’ genealogical work, she studied the life and times of a particular family group and the famous and plain people who influenced them as they followed the path of The Great Puritan Migration of 1620-1640 from England to Boston, to Boston Mount and southwestward across the Old Bay Path to the developing communities of Hartford, then Springfield and Long Meadow, and finally into the Pioneer Valley of Northampton. Kathy’s experience as a long time New England Open Town Meeting Moderator, an RN serving severely multiply handicapped adults and children, and a liberal minister’s daughter gave her the courage and humility to take an unflinching look at the forces that marked New England colonial life, including theological, wealth and gender politics. In her book about Mary Bliss Parsons, she speaks in the first person in the voice of Mary Bliss Parsons from her prison cell as she offers the saga of her life as a prayer for mercy to her God.

Kathy is available for public presentations about the subject of her deep passion and study, the life of Mary Bliss Parsons, the accused witch of Northampton. The themes of her story still beat in the issues of today.

“Silencing the Women: The Witch Trials of Mary Bliss Parsons” is available at all on-line bookstores in paperback and e-book.

and at the gift shop of Historic Northampton. http://www.historicnorthampton.org/